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10 [Export related] How do I pay for imported goods?   
  • Answer
  • We request payments into two installments: 50% down payment and 50% at the time of shipment.

    T/T and L/C payments are available.

>> [Export related] How long does it take to deliver for import?   
  • Answer
  • The basic delivery period is about 30 days to 45 days after ordering.

    There are some differences depending on the type of product, but most of them will be taken care of within 30 days.

8 [Export related] Is there a price benefit if I purchase in bulk?   
  • Answer
  • Our price is based on the price of a container.

    However, we can negotiate prices after continued trading or when ordering first large quantities.

    There is, however, not much difference.

7 [Export related] Can I import on the CIF basis instead of FOB?   
  • Answer
  • Yes. You can.

    If you specify the final destination port, we will ship to the port you specified.

6 [Export related] What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for import?   
  • Answer
  • We manufacture and export many products.

    Therefore, the MOQ is slightly different depending on products.

    In general, 1,000 or more would be the minimum.

    Suppose a 20FTS container is standard, we can ship according to 1 container regardless of product the MOQ.

    For more details, please contact our customer service department.

5 [Export related] I don't like the smell of products currently on sale. Can I change it?   
  • Answer
  • Yes.

    We have our own research and development facility as well as in-house production

    We can make your products according to your suggestion e.g., fragrance.

4 [Export related] Can I get an exclusive right to import?   
  • Answer
  • Yes. It is possible to grant exclusive rights.

    However, exclusives rights may not be possible if there is a company with an exclusive right in the target country already.

    There are also certain details that need to be discussed.

    For more details, please contact our customer service department.

3 [Export related] Is it possible to develop a separate product?   
  • Answer
  • Yes.

    If you have a product to develop in mind, we can develop accordingly to your request.

    We have our own development research lab in which we can develop your products.

    Usually, it will take about 1 or 3 months to develop a product.

    For more details related to the development, please contact us.

2 [Export related] Is it possible to develop our own brand products?   
  • Answer
  • Yes.

    Buyers nowadays want to develop and deliver their own branded products to their customers.

    If you have, we can develop your brand name and design of your choice immediately.

    However, you will have to pay the related costs (for branding and designing) separately.

    For more details, please contact our customer service department.

1 [Export related] Do you also develop products according to buyers' request?   
  • Answer
  • Consumers patterns are different country to country and thus, product development is necessary accordingly.

    Therefore, we are developing products according to buyers' request through consultation.

    That is, ODM/OEM development is possible.

    For more details, please contact our customer service department.

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